PPE Oxford Study Abroad


This program, which is offered through Oxford's Continuing Education Department, is described as follows on the Oxford University website:  "Our International Summer Schools are intensive programmes taught at graduate level.  Students attend daily lectures, followed by small group seminars.  Participants in these programmes usually have a university degree, or a minimum of two years at university.  These summer programmes are not accredited, but those seeking credit at their home institution will receive a 'Detailed Certificate' which details contact hours (for plenary sessions and workshops), grades achieved and private study hours."

Since it is unusual to assign transcripted credit for courses that are not accredited and that do not result in transcripted credit at the host institution, this memo is intended to indicate that the Departments of Philosophy, Political Science, and Economics understand the nature of the program and agree to allow UofA students to obtain transient credit toward their degree.

Reasons for this include the quality of the host institution (Oxford University), the high level of instruction (taught at the graduate level), and the detailed information about student performance (hours and marks) that is provided on the final Certificate.

Students who wish to pursue this Oxford program should discuss it with their faculty advisor AND the Office of International Programs.  A Transient Student Form must be completed, and as part of this process, the student must obtain the necessary signatures from department faculty authorized to evaluate the equivalence of the course hours and content at Oxford to UofA work.  This form is then processed in the Arts & Sciences Dean's Office.

There are 3 deadlines for applications each year:  February 1, March 1, and April 1.

For more information go to:  http://www.conted.ox.ac.uk/courses/summerschools/index.php
then select "Oxford International Summer Schools"
then select "History, Politics & Society Summer School"