Janice D. Yoder, Ph.D.

Janice D. Yoder, Ph.D.

Title: Professor
Dept/Program: Counseling Psychology
Office: CAS 366
Phone: 330-972-8371
Email: jyoder@uakron.edu
Curriculum Vitae: Download in PDF format


Dr. Yoder received her Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1979. She is the Editor of Psychology of Women Quarterly (pwq.sagepub.com). Her research interests include understanding gender differences; women and work; tokenism theory; women and power; women and leadership; psychology of women and gender; and the scholarship of teaching and learning. Courses typically taught include psychology of women, social psychology, and experimental psychology. Her publications have appeared in, among others, Psychology of Women Quarterly, Sex Roles, Gender & Society, and Teaching of Psychology. She is a Fellow in the American Psychological Association (APA), is a former president of the Society for the Psychology of Women (APA Division 35), and is the recipient of four teaching awards including the 2006 Heritage Award for Distinguished, Longstanding, and Substantial Contributions to Feminist Teaching from APA Division 35 and University of Akron’s 2008 Teacher-Scholar Award. She also is a recipient of the 2012 Distinguished Leader for Women in Psychology Award from APA’s Committee on Women in Psychology and of the 2010 Sue Rosenberg Zalk Award for Distinguished Service to APA Division 35.


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