Residence Life and Housing employs more than 300 students each year in temporary and part-time positions. Working for us offers:

  • Locations across campus
  • Hours to fit busy schedules
  • Convenience … work where you live!
  • Skill development
  • Opportunities to advance
  • Ways to build your resume
  • The chance to develop lifelong friendships


Summer Conference Staff

The Summer Conference Staff exists for the purpose of supporting the Summer Conference Program. To be considered a candidate for staff, you cannot be employed elsewhere, and you must commit to a minimum of 30 hours per week (more hours per week are necessary during peak times depending on conference schedules).

Application packages should be returned to Ritchie Residence Hall Service Desk by Friday, March 14 at noon. In accordance with department policy, candidates must pass a criminal background check for employment.

How to apply

Download the application

Student Assistant

Students Assistants employed in the department's main and South Quad offices are responsible for answering incoming office telephone calls from students, parents and University staff. The student staff serve as our customer service agents and assist and respond to housing questions related to contracts and meal plans, as well as University inquiries.

How to apply

Download the application

Desk Manager

The Desk Manager is a member of the residence hall staff with significant leadership responsibilities in addition to the duty of managing a residence hall Service Desk.

How to apply

Desk Manager Application

For more information, contact Deidrinelle Rouse at 330-972-7800 or email drouse@uakron.edu.

Resident Assistant

The Resident Assistant Staff are paraprofessional graduate and undergraduate members of the Department of Residence Life and Housing. Resident Assistants report directly to their Residence Life Coordinators and are responsible for establishing and maintaining an atmosphere which will promote the educational, social, cultural and personal development of residents. The Resident Assistant must project a sense of caring and concern for each resident.

How to apply

Submit the Resident Assistant application

Community Assistant

Community Assistant positions are held by both graduate and undergraduate students. Community Assistants are members of the Department of Residence Life and Housing eligible to be compensated hourly for working at any of the Department's eight Service Desks. Community Assistants report directly to the Desk Manager for the Service Desk(s) they are assigned to. Therefore, Community Assistants assigned to multiple desks would report to multiple Desk Managers. Community Assistants are available at the Service desks to assist students and staff as well as any visitors. See the job description.

How to apply

Submit the Community Assistant application

Residence Hall Program Board
Residence Hall Council

Plan events for residence hall students. See the leadership opportunities and benefits.

How to apply

pick up applications at the Ritchie Front Desk or email aysen@uakron.edu for more information.

Living-Learning Community Peer Mentor

Interested in programming? Do you like to make a difference? Is mentoring a skill of yours? If so, why not apply to be a Peer Mentor for the Living-Learning Communities?

Both graduate and undergraduate students can be Peer Mentors. Peer Mentors are members of the Department of Residence Life and Housing and are compensated positions staffed and housed in one of the 18 Living-Learning Communities. They work in conjunction with the Resident Assistant in the community. For 2014-15, all Living-Learning Communities are located in either Spicer or South Residence Hall. Along with LLC staff, the peer mentor is responsible for programming, mentoring and collaborating with an LLC Faculty Advisor specific to the interest group or academic aspiration. The Peer Mentor helps first-year students transition to college life through social and educational programming.

How to apply

Submit the Peer Mentor application

Graduate Assistantships

Residence Life and Housing hires graduate assistants in Living-Learning Communities and Graduate Resident Directors.

How to apply

The fall 2014 application deadline has passed. Check back mid fall for the next cycle.