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Friday, Aug. 28
9:09 p.m. – Deans of Comedy @ EJ Thomas Hall

The Deans of College Comedy is a one-of-a-kind show at The University of Akron. They are four of the best college comics in America, together on the same stage at last. The Deans are Steve Hofstetter (15 million YouTube views, host of Laughs on Fox), Jay Black (writer and co-star of the ION original movie Meet My Valentine), Ronnie Jordan (appearances on HBO, BET, and Showtime), and Taylor Tomlinson (NBC’s Last Comic Standing).

These four comedians have, collectively, performed at over 2,500 schools and own several awards for their work on the college circuit. The Deans are “rising stars” who have each had success in television and movies. That said, this diverse group has one thing in common: a love for the stage, specifically the college stage!

Saturday, Aug. 29
7 - 11 p.m. – RA Lip Sync, followed by Casino Night @ EJ Thomas Hall

First come out and watch the Resident Assistants show off their Lip Sync skills and generally make fools of themselves for your viewing enjoyment. After that stick around for a gallery of activities and give-aways including Live Band Karaoke, Casino games, Lester & Body Art by Susan, Silhouettes, Caricatures, Facebook VIP Lounge, and Photo Dry Erase Boards.

Tuesday, Sept. 1
9:09 p.m. – Craig Karges @ EJ Thomas Hall

Craig Karges combines the art of magic with the science of psychology and the power of intuition to create the impression that nothing is impossible. Tables float, minds are read, metal bends and your imagination is challenged because you won’t believe your eyes! Comedian Dennis Miller put it this way after seeing Karges perform, “This weirds me out!”

Craig has made over 40 national television appearances. You’ve seen him on The Tonight Show, Larry King Live, CNN, Fox News Channel, CNBC, E! Entertainment Television, Lifetime Television, Wisdom Television, and SOAPnet! He has starred in two, one-hour television specials. The sheer number and diversity of Karges’s television appearances are indicative of his widespread popularity!


Who is required to live on campus?

First-year freshmen who are not residents of Summit, Stark, Medina, Wayne or Portage counties are required to live on campus as long as space is available. For exemptions, see First-Year Residency Requirement.

Where can new freshmen live?

First-year freshmen and current students can both live in any residence hall.

Where can returning residents (current students) live?

First-year freshmen and current students can both live in any residence hall.

I applied for admission. Do I also have to apply for housing?

Yes, admission to UA does not include application for University housing. To reserve your residence hall room, sign in to My Akron and sign the housing contract.

How much does it cost to live on campus?

That depends on the residence hall you choose. See a list of residence hall rates.

How do I select my room?

All students can select their room assignment in My Akron until May 31, 2015. First-year students can self-assign according to the table below. Returning students will have access 24-48 hours after their application is completed. Any students who chose not to self-select before May 31, 2015 will be assigned based on the preferences listed in their housing application. Living Learning Community/Emerging Leader Community students will be sent separate instructions for the selection process.


Students complete housing application: Students may begin self-assign:
Jan. 24 - Feb. 15 Monday, Feb. 16
Feb. 16 - March 1 Monday, March 2
March 2-15 Monday, March 16
March 16-29 Monday, March 30
March 30 - Apr. 12 Monday, April 13
April 13-26 Monday, April 27
April 27 - May 10 Monday, May 11
May 11-15 Monday, May 19

I can't find the housing contract in My Akron. Where is it?

You will see the link to the housing contract after you've submitted your Intent to Enroll form and confirmation fee. If you've submitted the Intent to Enroll form and paid the confirmation fee and you're still not able to log in to My Akron, contact the Help Desk at 330-972-6888.

If I change my mind, how can I terminate my housing contract?

You have until May 15 to cancel your housing contract. Learn more about terminating your contract.

What am I agreeing to by signing this contract?

When accepted by the Department of Residence Life and Housing, the Housing Accommodations Contract is a binding agreement between the student and The University of Akron. (In the case of a minor student, the agreement is between his/her parents or guardian and the University.) This agreement provides for room according to the terms and conditions outlined on the contract. Be sure to read the contract and the following information carefully. Students should also complete a Meal Plan Contract.

Will the price of my residence hall change?

The residence hall rates and meal plan rates are generally established each spring for the following academic year and represent the minimum amount of money needed to operate the residence halls and Dining Services. As a result, if you have signed a contract for any period, you will be held responsible for that period of the contract. The University will not release you from any of the contract conditions except as provided for in the University refund/release policy statement.


  • Free laundry in every building!
  • You can bring your car! Yes, even freshmen.
  • Join a community and make life-long friends!

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