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Roo To Do List Program Overview

First-year students living in the residence halls will have the opportunity to check off intentional, success-oriented “to do” items on their Roo To Do List. This interactive and student-friendly program strives to present resources, programs, and faculty/staff interactions vital to a UA student.

Round 2

Oct. 20 - Dec. 3 Roo To Do List

Download the list!

Note: The deadline to turn in the completed list is 5 p.m. on 12/3 to Ritchie Hall.

What’s in it for me?

Students will also be entered into a drawing at the end of each challenge for potential prizes.

Who is eligible to participate?

First-year students residing on campus at The University of Akron are eligible for participation in the Roo To Do List program.

How do I participate? Tell me more!

  1. Pick up Roo To Do List from your hall’s Service Desk or print your own copy from the link provided below.
  2. Take Roo To Do List to programs/events noted on the list to receive credit for attendance by a University staff/faculty member.
  3. You will turn in your completed Roo To Do List by the deadline noted on your eight week challenge list. Students must complete 10 of the 15 items listed on the Roo To Do List for each 8 week period.
  4. Select events will be verified through social media and/or by Residence Life & Housing staff as noted on the Roo To Do List.
  5. Upon completing required items noted for the eight week challenge, Residence Life & Housing staff will review entries to confirm completion, recognition, and eligibility for drawings.

A new 8 week challenge will be posted to this website and available at the service desks in the residence halls every 8 weeks. Students can join in on the Roo To Do List challenge at any time throughout the academic year. Missed the first 8 week challenge? That’s ok. You have the opportunity to be recognized and entered into drawings that take place at the end of each 8 week period.


Have questions? Want to make sure a program/event will count for one of the Roo To Do List items? Contact for assistance.