Recent Headlines

  • Assistant professor Adrianne Frech's research featured in Harvard Business Review

    Dr. Adrianne Frech and her colleague Sarah Damaske recently had their research on women's work patterns featured in the Harvard Business Review. You can read the article here.

  • Sociology Club Attends NCSA

    IMG_2637Many members of the Sociology Club presented at the North Central Sociology Association annual meeting in Chicago in March!

  • Does it Cost Men to Care?

    UA's Dr. Janette Dill has collaborated with colleagues at the University of Massachusetts and California State University, Fullerton, to examine whether the "glass escalator" helps to raise mens' wages when they work in feminized occupations. Usually feminized occupations - and particularly care work occupations - have lower wages as compared to other occupations, even when accounting for education and skill. However, men typically advance quickly in feminized occupations, which may help to compensate for the overall devaluation of these occupations. 

  • Collaboration between faculty and graduate students

    UA’s Dr. Adrianne Frech and graduate student Peter Barr (now Dr. Peter Barr), along with Dr. Jamie Lynch from St. Norbert College, have recently collaborated on a couple of projects that look at whether intimate relationships are related to better health for young adults. Using The National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health (Add Health) dataset, Frech, Lynch and Barr looked at whether men and women in either same or opposite-sex relationships who are cohabitating are better off than those who are just dating. 

  • High school dropout becomes celebrated UA scholar
    David Delgado’s dissatisfaction with dead-end jobs fueled his determination to pursue an education. Now he’s on his way to becoming Professor Delgado.