Recent News from the Sociology Department

  • Dr. Robert Peralta receives UA Faculty Research Committee Fellowship Award

    Dr. Robert L. Peralta received a UA Faculty Research Committee Fellowship Award to conduct research over the summer of 2018:  "Perceptions and experiences of health care and interpersonal violence among female former inmates: A qualitative study."

    The goal of this project is to document the perceptions and experiences with health, health care and interpersonal violence among female former prison inmates.  Successful reentry of former inmates into society remains an important goal for community, healthcare, and criminal justice professionals.   An important component of reintegration is assessing health, health care and interpersonal violence experiences among inmates during and after release from prison.  Data on these factors (health, health care experience and violence exposure) is critical to inform public health and criminal justice decisions that impact inmates during imprisonment and after release.  Health care and trauma experiences among female inmates in particular remains an especially under-examined area.  This is problematic given women’s distinct health care needs and experiences with interpersonal violence. 

  • What you can do with a Sociology Major


    Hanna Horrigan, Class of 2017

    My ultimate goal when I chose Sociology as a major was to help others.  Post-graduation, I began my career in helping others at the Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority, at their Reach Opportunity Center serving the Summit Lake Neighborhood. Now, thanks to the professionalism and networking skills I acquired through the Sociology Club, I will begin as the Coordinator of Outreach for the ZipAssist Office in Simmons Hall. As Coordinator of Outreach, I will be a resource for students who are on the verge of dropout at the University.  I am so grateful for the inspiration and mentor-ship I received from both my professors and colleagues during my time at UA. It pays off to take advantage of the resources within your department! I advise all students to get involved in a club, research, or other student organizations. My skills acquired from Sociology Club sure helped me with my career options!

  • UA begins training next generation of crime fighters
    Our students can pursue two new bachelor’s degrees: Criminal Intelligence Analysis and Criminology and Criminal Justice.