Resources for Faculty

The goal of Bierce Writing Commons is to help students become stronger and more self-sufficient writers. We will work one-on-one with with both you and your students to make this happen.

What we offer:

One-on-one Sessions with Students

Send your students to see us! You can suggest a visit to the Writing Commons or even make it mandatory. Many instructors request that their students come visit us, and we will provide documentation of their visit. Feel free to include the following blurb about Bierce Writing Commons on your syllabus or Springboard! site:

Bierce Writing Commons (ground floor of Bierce Library, room 68) offers free writing assistance to all University of Akron students. The staff is trained to help with concerns about your drafts, revisions, and documentation styles. To make an appointment, stop by or call (330) 972-6548. To learn more about the Commons, visit the website at .

Class Presentations

Our writing consultants are available for a variety of presentations:

  • A basic classroom outreach to introduce your students to Bierce Writing Commons. This short presentation gives students basic information about what to expect when they visit us and ways we can help in the writing process. This presentation is approximately 5-10 minutes.
  • Powerpoint presentations on common writing issues:

    • How to Take an Essay Test: Covers how to prepare for the test; manage time during; create an outline; cover key points, such as intro, thesis, body, and closing.

    • How to Write a Research Paper: Takes students through the process of planning and executing a research assignment.

    • Good Sources: Shows students how to find and incorporate credible sources in their research papers.
  • Powerpoint presentations on specific citation styles and how to use reliable sources:

    • MLA: Covers basic format, in-text citations, works cited page, etc.

    • APA: Covers basic format, cover page, running headers, in-text citations, reference page, etc.

  • Class specific presentations are available on request.

*These presentations, which include a Q & A at the end, are approximately 30 minutes. Please make your request at least one week in advance.

Call ext 2363 or email to

• Request an introductory outreach visit from BWC staff
• Schedule a specific in-class BWC workshop

Hope to see you and your students soon!