Jack Adams

Jack is currently studying to become an intervention specialist in the College of Education. He will be the first in his family to obtain a college degree. It is because of the support from his wife and children that he is able to do all that he can do. Receiving the Osher Scholarship is allowing him to graduate on time without falling into more unneeded debt. He thanks the Osher Foundation for this opportunity.

Rebecca Austin

She is the newly elected president of Akron's Society of Manufacturing Engineering Technology student chapter and member of Tau Sigma National Honor Society. This scholarship will be instrumental in helping to complete Rebecca's degree and continue a 4.0 GPA.  Manufacturing is returning to the U.S. and she wants to be a part of bringing the economy back. Rebecca is thankful and honored to receive this scholarship.  

Patricia Bailey

Patricia is in her senior year majoring in supply chain/operations management. She has been named to the Dean's list ever semester of her college career while also working a full-time job. She was recently inducted into the Beta Gamma Sigma International Honor Society. Patricia is extremely grateful for UA Adult Focus and the Osher Scholarship and hopes to graduate in May 2014.

Jeff Bernhard

Jeff is pursuing the dream of becoming an engineer that was put on hold decades ago. He remarried and now has a combined family and is teaching them to never stop working towards their dreams. He loves sharing what he is learning with them and helping them with their homework. Free time isn't a word that exists a lot in his life, but he believes the results will be worth it.  He thanks the Osher Foundation.

Tracey Bowman

Tracey returned to college after being out for many years. She is a wife and mother of four children. Being the main financial contributor for her family, she realized she needed a college degree. It hit her one day that she wanted to become an intervention specialist. The financial burden for her family has been eased thanks to the wonderful opportunity that has been given to her by the Osher Foundation.

Kriston Cline

After not finding a job that paid enough, even with his experience in the automotive industry, Kriston decided to return to school for applied science and electronic engineering technologies.  He hopes to merge his professional and academic skills to obtain a job in the growing renewable energies field in Northeast Ohio.  He is grateful for UA Adult Focus and the Osher scholarship.

Maria Dixon

Maria plans to complete her degree in Social Work. She had worked in home care for over seven years with no degree. She is a peer mentor and has worked with the nontraditional population in UA Adult Focus.  This fall, she will be working on establishing a chapter of The Black Social Work Association on campus. She is very thankful to have received the Osher Scholarship.

Cherie Edmunds

She is seeking a degree in business administration, information systems management. Cherie has worked in IT for over 15 years, but without a degree. This was limiting her in advancing her career. She has been on the Dean's list every semester. Even though she works full- time, she didn't think she would be able to afford her senior year. Thanks to the Osher Scholarship, she will.

Christopher Evans

Christopher is working towards a degree in applied mathematics. When he started back to school, he began classes in Math II and decided on mathematics degree. He couldn't imagine working on anything else and each day he is excited to learn something new and challenging. With two children, finances are always tight and he is grateful for the opportunity and support the Osher Scholarship has afforded him and his family.

Natasha Glover

She is a senior seeking a degree in business administration. Natasha's team won the University's Business Ideal Competition and represented the school in the regional competition. She volunteers for the Earned Income Credit Tax Program in which she prepares taxes for lower income people. She is a veteran of the U.S. Army that enjoyed serving her country. She is very thankful for the Osher Scholarship.

Tirzah Harper

Tirzah is pursuing a degree in accounting while continuing her career of editing court transcripts. She returned to school a decade after dropping out, and the intervening years have motivated her to excel in her education. She is consistently on the Dean's list. As a second-year scholarship recipient, Tirzah is grateful to UA Adult Focus and the Osher Foundation for their continued support as she pursues her goals.

Sean Holvey

This is Sean's third year receiving the Osher Scholarship and it has really helped out his family by not having to borrow as much money for tuition. He is currently a senior in the School of Nursing and will graduate in Spring 2014. Sean has been on the Dean's list every semester since his return in 2009. He plans to pursue his MSN as a nurse anesthetist. He is very grateful to the Osher Foundation.

Carita Keim

After working in private Mennonite schools for seven years, Carita decided to return to school for more in-depth work in English and History. She currently teaches these classes part-time while attending school. She works with several organizations promoting the arts, particularly choral music. She would like to thank the Osher Foundation for giving her the enriching experience of attending school in order to become a person with more to give to her community.

Paul Malone

After being away from school for years, Paul decided to come back to pursue a degree in social work. His ultimate goal is to continue and get a master's degree in social work. He plans to pursue a career in the mental health field. The assistance of the Osher Scholarship has allowed him to focus on his schoolwork rather than finances. 

Joseph Meister

After meeting his wife in 2008, he decided he needed a new career so he started at The University of Akron in the exercise science program path with a concentration in physical therapy. He wants to attend physical therapy school after graduation in Spring 2014. This is Joseph's fourth time receiving this scholarship. It has helped a great deal and he is very thankful to the Osher Foundation for the opportunity.

Christopher Meyers

Christopher is a graphic design major and has been on the Dean's list every semester. He is a member of the Honors College and is often mistaken for a professor. With the support of Adult Focus and the Student Success Seminar, he has found his groove and loves every minute of college. Christopher is very thankful for the Osher scholarship.

Terrie Moeller

She is pursuing a business degree and hopes to establish stability in a corporate career. She has worked in the salon/spa industry for over 20 years, but due to the poor economy and health issues, was unable to continue in this carer path. Terrie feels so blessed to have received the Osher Scholarship. It will reduce some of her financial burden of being a single mother, while attending as a first-generation student. 

Edward Pattin

Edward is seeking a degree in business. After running his own construction company, he found it difficult to pay the bills after the collapse of the housing industry. He decided to go to school and get a degree. Having four children at home, it is a struggle making ends meet. The Osher Scholarship has relieved some of the financial burden and he is very thankful to the Osher Foundation.
Adrienne Rouan

Adrienne is pursuing a degree in accounting. She has been a personal and business banker since 2005. She recently began volunteering with Junior Achievement because she loves sharing financial knowledge with the children. She feels like she is finally fulfilling her dream. She is very grateful to the Osher Foundation for this scholarship.
Linda Siegel

She is in her final year of pursuing a bachelor's degree in social work and a third year recipient. The past year has been a challenge for her when she was diagnosed with breast cancer last fall. Linda had to find a balance between home, school and medical treatment and completed her last semester with a 4.0. She hopes to be an example to her daughter and instill the importance of education. She is forever grateful for the recognition and support from the Osher Foundation.