Further Problems with Pleasure by Sandra Simonds wins 2015 Akron Poetry Prize

Carmen Giménez Smith, this year’s judge, has chosen Further Problems with Pleasure by Sandra Simonds of Tallahassee, Florida as the 2015 Akron Poetry Prize winner. The contest winner was selected from a total of 509 entries.

About the winning manuscript, Giménez Smith comments:

“I want you to open your eyes, every fucking night, to this new century,” commands the speaker in Further Problems with Pleasure. If Coleridge, Plath, Ovid, and Celan started a love commune where they built a manifesto Molotov cocktail out of the pastoral, eros, blank verse, and kitsch: it would be this book. A true original, thrilling in her brash complex feminism and virtuosic in sound and line, Simonds writes of the lives and desires trod upon by late capitalism and poetry. A speaker careens from joy to rage, from ired to completely ecstatic describing the complex synergy of love, class, and power. While the poem “Dear Chris,” suggests, “Life is hard. We don’t need art to say so,” the book is beautiful enough that that failure becomes inconsequential.

The judge for the 2016 Akron Poetry Prize will be Allison Joseph. Joseph lives in Carbondale, Illinois, where she co-directs the MFA Program in Creative Writing at Southern Illinois University. She serves as poetry editor of Crab Orchard Review. Her books include What Keeps Us Here (winner of the Ampersand Press Women Poets Series Prize and the John C. Zacharis Prize), Soul Train (Carnegie Mellon), In Every Seam (Pittsburgh), Imitation of Life (Carnegie Mellon), Worldly Pleasures (winner of the Word Press Poetry Prize) and Voice: Poems (Mayapple Press). Her most recent full-length poetry collection, My Father's Kites, was published in 2010 by Steel Toe Books. Recent published chapbooks include Trace Particles (Backbone Press) and Little Epiphanies (Imaginary Friend Press).

Full guidelines may be found here.

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