University of Akron Research Foundation (UARF)

UARF was established in 2001 to promote and support
university/industry collaboration and to provide effective
mechanisms by which UA discoveries and inventions are 
developed and commercialized. UARF’s unique initiatives 

  • Seniors Fellows program through which former
    industry executives mentor faculty, facilitate industry
    collaboration, advise startup companies, and encourage
    innovation and regional economic development

  • Akron Innovation Campus, a new model of mixed-use
    buildings where university startups and independent
    companies share space adjacent to campus

  • Advice for startup formation, including supporting the
    creation of more than 50 technology-based startup

  • Founder of the $33 million Exxon/YANPET elastomer
    training program




Working with UA and its Research Foundation

The University of Akron's research services offer support for:​

  • Entrepreneurs and startups:

    • Conducting customer discovery and market research

    • Mentorship by experienced UARF Senior Fellows

    • Providing paths to funding

    • Adding student interns to supplement your team

  • Faculty:

    • Supporting grant applications

    • Helping with technology commercialization

    • Partnering to reach out to customers and learn about markets

    • Patenting and licensing new technologies

  • Students:

    • Providing internships and unique opportunities

    • Forming teams to learn what its like to launch a product through I-Corps Sites

    • Making investment recommendations on real companies through NEOSVF

    • Supporting area businesses through internship partnerships

IRS documents are available for inspection at the UARF office: Goodyear Polymer Building, Suite 312, Akron, Ohio 44325.