The college experience is different for everyone, and it all starts in admissions.

New freshman

You are a high school student, or graduated from high school or earned a GED less than 5 years ago.

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You are taking, or have already completed, classes at another college and want to complete your degree at UA.

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College Credit Plus

You are a high school student and would like to earn both college and high school credit at UA.

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It has been more than 5 years since you graduated from high school or earned a G.E.D., and you have never attended college.

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You are attending another college, want to take a few classes at UA and transfer the credit back.

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You have a bachelor's degree and want to take more undergrad classes towards another degree.

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  • B.S./M.D.
  • 60+ enrollment
  • How to enroll at other UA sites in Northeast Ohio
  • Admission for special students who wish to take particular courses and are not working toward a degree

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