Dr. Dan Ely

Dr. Dan Ely

Title: Professor
Department: ASEC C308
Office: ASEC C308
Phone: 330-972-7159
Fax: 330-972-8445
Email: ely1(at)uakron.edu


Research Interests

1. Hypertension- genetic, molecular and physiological mechanisms using a rat model

2. Aggression- genetic, molecular and physiological mechanisms using a rat model

3. Polymer Biocompatibility- testing novel polymer and chemical compounds for toxicity and biocompatibility


1971 Ph.D. in Physiology: Physiological and Behavioral Differentiation of Social Roles in a Population Cage of Magnetically Tagged Mice”,School of Medicine, U.S.C.

Selected Publications

Ely,D.L., Milsted A., Dunphy G., Boehme S., Dunmire J., Hart M.,Toot J., Martins A.,Turner M. Delivery of sry1, but not sry2, to the kidney increases blood pressure and sns indices in normotensive wky rats BMC Physiology (e-journal) 9:10,2009.

Turner M, Farkas J, Dunmire J, Ely DL, Milsted A. Which SRY Locus is the Hypertensive Y Chromosome Locus? Hypertension, 53[part 2]:430-435,2009.

Toot J,Jenkins C, Dunphy G,Boehme S, Hart M, Milsted A, Turner M, Ely D. Testosterone influences renal electrolyte excretion in SHR/y and WKY males. BMC Physiology (e-journal) 8:5,2008.

Jewrajka SK, Erdodi G, Kennedy JP, Ely D, Dunphy G, Boehme S, Popescu F. Novel biostable and biocompatible amphiphilic membranes. J Biomed Mater Res 87A:69-78,2008.

Jenkins C, Milsted A,Doane K,Meszaros G, Toot J, and Ely D. A cell culture model using rat coronary artery adventitial fibroblasts to measure collagen production. BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 7:13,2007.

Turner ME, Martin C, Martins AS, Dunmire J, Farkas J, Ely DL, and Milsted A. Genomic and expression analysis of multiple Sry loci from a single Rattus norvegicus Y chromosome. BMC Genetics 8:11, 2007

Ely,D.Milsted,A.,Bertram,J.,Ciotti,M.,Dunphy,G.,Turner,M. Sry delivery to the adrenal medulla increases blood pressure and adrenal medullary tyrosine hydroxylase of normotensive WKY rats BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 7:6-19,2007.

Melaiye,A. Sun, Z., Hindi, K., Milsted, A., Ely, D., Reneker, D., Tessier, C., Youngs, W. Silver(I)-imidazole Cyclophane Gem-diol Complexes Encapsulated by Electrospun Tecophilic Nanofibers: Formation of Nanosilver Particles and Antimicrobial Activity. J. Amer. Chem. Soc. 127:2285-2291, 2005.

Milsted, A., Serova, L., Sabban,E., Dunphy, G., Turner, M., Ely, D. Regulation of tyrosine hydroxylase gene transcription by Sry. Neuroscience Letters 369:203-207,2004.

Toot,J. Dunphy,G.,Turner, M., Ely,D. The SHR Y-chromosome increases testosterone and aggression, but decreases serotonin as compared to the WKY Y-chromosome in the rat model. Behav. Gen. 34:515-524,2004.

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