Dr. Ron Salisbury

Dr. Ron Salisbury

Title: Associate Professor
Department: Biology
Office: ASEC D428
Phone: 330-972-6933
Fax: 330-972-8445
Email: rsalisbury(at)uakron.edu

Research Accomplishments

Sexual differentiation of nervous system
Reproductive biology
Developmental endocrinology.

Selected Publications

Jenkins, C., R. Salisbury, D. Ely. 1994. Castration lowers and testosterone restores blood pressure in several rat strains on high sodium diets. Clin. and Experimental Hypertension 16:611-625.

Ely, D., J. Falvo, G. Dunphy, A. Caplea, R. Salisbury, M. Turner. 1994. The spontaneously hypertensive rat Y chromosome produces an early testosterone rise in normotensive rats. J. Hypertension 12:769:774.

Ely, D., Salisbury, R.L., Hadi, D., Turner, M., Johnson, M. 1991. Androgen receptor and the testes influence hypertension in a hybrid rat model. Hypertension 17:1104- 1110.

Krieg, R.J., Jr., Batson, J.M., Martha, P.N., Jr., Matt, D.W., Salisbury, R.L., Evans, W.S. 1990. Gonadotrophin releasing hormone-stimulated luteinizing hormone secretion by perifused pituitary cells from normal, gonadectomized and testicular feminized rats. Endocrinology 126:3022-3027.

Salisbury, R.L., Reed, J., Ward, I.L., Weisz, J. 1989. Plasma Luteinizing Hormone Levels in Normal and Prenatally Stressed Male and Female Rat Fetuses and Their Mothers. Biology of Reproduction 40:111-117.

Roselli, R.E., R.L. Salisbury, J.A. Resko. 1987. Genetic evidence for androgen-dependent and independent control of aromatase activity in the rat brain. Endocrinology 121:2205-2210.