Graduate Student Research Projects

Research projects are a big part of the activity in the Department of Biology. Faculty and student research spans from molecules, cells, organisms and their interactions with the environment.  Take a look at some of the projects that our graduate students are working on right now. Learn more...

Hope Ball - Integrated Biosciences PhD student

Hope Ball - Integrated Biosciences PhD student

Research Spotlight: Biology

Studying "Obese" Whales to Understand Human Obesity

How do mammals get fat and stay fat? Specifically, how do whales do it? That’s what researchers in UA Biology are trying to finout out.  To do so, Hope Ball, a PhD student in the Integrated Biosciences program is looking at tiny protein called leptin that’s involved in how the body regulates how much it eats and how much energy it burns. The goal for mammals is typically to find a balance between food intake and energy burn. Whales, and other obese mammals, have found a way to build large fat stores despite this balance but rather than being obese they appear to be healthy and happy as fat mammals. Learn More

Seminars and Discussion Groups

There are many opportunities for undergraduates, graduates and faculty to advance and share their understanding of biology.  We have several colloquia and reading groups that meet regularly during each semester.   Learn more..

Biological Problems for Undergraduate Students Request Sheets

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