Harri Ramcharran, Ph.D.

Harri Ramcharran, Ph.D.
Title: Professor
Dept/Program: Department of Finance
Office: CBA 226
Phone: (330) 972-6882
Email: ramchar@uakron.edu


  • Ph.D., State University of New York at Binghamton
  • M.A., State University of New York at Binghamton
  • B.S., Economics and Business, Mankato State College, Minnesota

Professional & Academic Experience

Academic Experience

  • The University of Akron, College of Business Administration, 1986 - Present
  • State University of New York, College of Fredonia, 1985-1986
  • University of the West Indies (Jamaica), 1982-1985
  • State University of New York, College at Cortland, 1978-1982

Teaching Interests

  • International Business Finance
  • International Banking
  • International Financial Markets and Investments
  • Techniques of Financial analysis
  • Multinational Corporate Finance

Research Interests

  • Emerging Equity markets performance



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Research seminars/presentations

  • Market structure, Liquidity and the performance of Emerging Equity Market, Southwest Finance Association Meeting, March 9-12, 2011, Houston, Texas.
  • Estimating the production Efficiency of US Foreign Direct Investment, Eastern Finance Association Meeting, April 13-16, 2011, Savannah, Georgia.


  • Best paper award 'Estimating Efficiency in the Foreign Operations of the USA Legal services Industry', International Business and Economics Research Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada October, 2003.
  • Selected for Who's Who in Business Higher Education, July 2003.
  • Nominated for Outstanding Researcher Award, 2004 (The University Of Akron)
  • Invited to participate at the Oxford Round Table Conference, Oxford University, Aug. 2004
  • Finance Advisory Board Faculty Research Excellence Award, 1996-1997 academic year
  • Finance Advisory Board Faculty Research Excellence Award, 1994-1995 academic year
  • CBA Dean’s Research Incentive Award, 1997-1998
  • CBA Dean’s Research Incentive Award, 1996-1997
  • CBA Dean’s Research Incentive Award, 1995-1996