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Study Abroad - International Experience

The College of Business Administration encourages all its students to consider a study abroad experience. The advantages to be gained by living in another country for a summer, a semester, or even an academic year will benefit you personally and professionally as you gain a broader perspective on today's global business environment.

Study abroad programs are offered through the Office of International Programs and through the CBA.

Please click on the link below for a complete list of programs offered through the CBA.

Proposed trips for 2015

CBA Programs

The diverse culture of India will provide a unique and rich learning environment. Experience the Museums, Palace and London eye in the global financial capital London

Explore Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai, Henan Province, Seoul and Pusan while earning course credit.

Spend a semester studying in Korea as part of the Global Village Program.

Experience the London Stock Exchange, Ernst & Young, Institute of Chartered Public Accountants, and many other fascinating places. Course credit is also available

Past CBA Programs

Affiliate Programs