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The Institute for Leadership Advancement develops the next generation of college graduates. Our students are globally- minded, confident, and proven in their ability to solve complex, real-world problems. They are prepared to adapt and lead from every level of an organization, and to pursue both work and life with integrity. Our graduates are more than employable; they are exceptional.

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Message from the Director

In today’s competitive economy, employers are looking for the best candidate, and you know they have many options. They are looking for someone who did more than take classes, join a few organizations, and earn a degree. They seek people who can think critically and lead from any level, college graduates who are work-ready and able to hit the ground running. They seek a team player, an innovative spirit, and a confident problem-solver who can communicate effectively, work through ambiguity, and lead with integrity.

The Institute for Leadership Advancement offers students a chance to do something truly amazing. We connect real challenges with real experience to engage students in opportunities to learn real leadership. Our Institute is founded on the principles of helping students develop and define their leadership identity through integrated learning environments, diverse contexts, and challenges that allow our students to take action.

We invite you to be a part of our institute and our many opportunities. Contact us today!

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