Professional Workshop Series

Marketing majors will complete three blocks of classes. The first block is the foundation set of four courses that all marketing students must complete. The second block is the concentration, marketing management, sales management or integrated marketing communications. The third block is the professional experience. As a part of the professional experience, students will have a choice between 3 credit Internship or three 1-credit professional workshops.

The Professional Workshops will be taught by area business executives and will explore specific cutting edge marketing topics in-depth from an executive perspective. A description of each workshop and the time it will be offered is listed below. If you choose to take one or more of the workshops listed below, please note the section number, return to registration and complete the sign-up. The Monday and Wednesday workshops will run for five weeks. The Saturday workshops will run for two weeks.

View a PowerPoint presentation designed for workshop instructors.

Fall 2017 Professional Workshops in Marketing

Designing to Sell: The Synergies of Effective Design and Sound Marketing Strategy (74606 6600:491-981)

Time: Saturday, 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
Instructor:Jeff Staats, Owner, SpinVista Marketing
Meeting Dates: 9/9/2017 & 9/16/2017
Workshop Description: We all know that for a marketing campaign or program to be successful, many things need to work perfectly together...the right strategy, the right design, the right audience and the right execution. This usually involves more than one person, an entire department and/or external resources. As a marketer, how do you effectively communicate your vision of what the campaign should be to a team of designers that will make it come to life? As a graphic designer, how do you effectively "get into the head" of the marketer to make sure the graphical representation hits the mark? This is a common obstacle in many companies which could result in extra rounds, missed deadlines or inefficiencies.

In this workshop, we will uncover various pain points to make marketers and graphic designers work better together by:

  • Understanding the "business" of design and how it differs from traditional design strategy
  • Learning where creative and design should fit into marketing strategy
  • Listening to real world examples of the marketing campaign process
  • Creating an efficient campaign process combining strategy and design

Content Marketing: Building Relationships with Customers & Growing Brand Awareness (74225 6600:491-982)

Time: Saturday 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
Instructor: Amanda Todorovich, Director of Marketing, Cleveland Clinic
Meeting Dates: 9/30/2017 & 10/7/2017
Workshop Description: The workshop will look at the evolving role of content marketing and how it integrates with traditional concepts of marketing and communications. Analysis will include a history of content marketing, the role it plays in customer relationships, and how it aids in building brands.

Topics to be covered and discussed will include:

  • An analysis and understanding of what is content marketing and how it is evolving.
  • Understanding the concept of paid, owned and earned media.
  • The defining and development of the buyer persona and the data involved in determining that.
  • The utilization of data and analytics to determine content strategy.
  • How to measure success and ROI of content marketing.

Through lecture, class discussion, and a focus on real-life examples, students will determine and understand the value of content marketing and its intent of achieving bottom line results for business performance.

Trade Show and Event Marketing (74224 6600:491-983)

Time: Saturday, 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
Instructor: Jane Smith, Assistant Manager, Channel Commercialization, The JM Smucker Company
Meeting Dates: 10/21/2017 & 10/28/2017
Workshop Description: Did you know that nearly 70% of buyers of goods & services consider trade shows to be their primary source of information? More than 4 out of 5 people who attend trade shows have purchasing authority and 99% of marketers said they found unique value from trade shows that they did not get from other marketing mediums. Exhibit marketers work to use on-trend marketing tactics to reach potential customers, and find that technology-based marketing is expanding rapidly; 91% currently incorporate technology into their exhibits, using the primary vehicles of mobile apps and tablet PCs. Event-specific microsites, digital signage, and interactive touchscreens are all proving to be an exhibit necessity.

Events outside of trade shows are key ways for organizations to introduce new products, host informal focus groups, and to delve deep into guerilla marketing. Shows & events are a means to have effective conversations with both current customers and prospects, allowing sales and marketing teams to secure new business and reinforce existing relationships. When utilizing a multi-touch point marketing plan, high-dollar shows have the opportunity to pay for themselves in the ROI created by new business leads.

In this workshop, participants will learn:

  • The history and importance of trade shows and event marketing
  • How all marketing tactics can work cohesively together to create an impactful message
  • Specialized topics such as multimedia usage, graphic considerations, effective spend and sampling, and multi-touch point marketing plans
  • How to create accurate request for proposals to gain authority to execute your ideas and build personal credibility on your team
  • How to set strategy that translates into action that drives measurable business results
  • How to form a network of professionals within the local trade show and event marketing industry

Marketing in the Public Sector (75432 6600:491-984)

Time: Saturday 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
Instructor: Nathan Eppink, Chief of Community Engagement, Summit Metro Parks
Meeting Dates: 11/11/2017 & 11/18/2017
Workshop Description: Persuasion isn’t exclusive to the business world. A number of marketing, public relations and communications professionals are employed locally in the public sector, which includes cities, school districts, libraries, zoos, park districts, mass-transit agencies and other tax-supported organizations. Increasingly, public agencies face unique challenges such as shrinking budgets and increased scrutiny. So how do public-sector marketing executives proactively promote organizations, develop content and measure success?

In this workshop, participants will:

  • Understand how to utilize public polls and measure perceptions
  • Discover how to evaluate communication channels and target audiences
  • Hear from local experts about best practices
  • Learn to create campaigns that involve storytelling/testimonials

Following lecture, discussion and guest presentations, students will work in teams to develop campaigns and content for a tax-funded community resource.