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Mr. William Holmes speaks at the Graduate Executive Forum


William HolmesMr. William Holmes spoke on April 7, 2010 as part of the Graduate Executive Form speaker series.  Mr. Holmes is the President and COO of Pressco Technology, Inc., a family-held firm in the machine vision industry.  Mr. Williams provided students with a thorough explanation of the firm’s business and a profile of their position as the leader in the market segment of developing, manufacturing, and servicing machine vision equipment for inspection of high volume and high speed plastic bottle and aluminum can production.  In his presentation, Mr. Williams did an outstanding job of conveying the passion, fun, and power of small business in today’s volatile economy.  Students were provided with an excellent example of a firm that is small (130 employees); high tech; and global (associates in 79 different countries).  Also, Mr. Williams’ presentation provided students with a clear perspective of the cross-functional nature of being a CEO as he described the challenges and opportunities Pressco faces relative to operations; supply chain; talent management; marketing; and financial issues.