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CBA’s Close Ties With The J. M. Smucker Company Lead to Careers of a Life-time


The CBA, notably the George W. Daverio School of Accountancy, has had a very close relationship with The J. M. Smucker Company for many years.  Several CBA alumni hold senior management positions within the company.  They include Barry Dunaway, Senior Vice President Corporate and Organization Development; Mark Belgya, Senior Vice President, CFO; John Mayer, Vice President, Sales, Grocery Market; and Andrew Platt, Vice President, Information Services, CIO.  In addition, there are numerous managers and directors within the company who are CBA grads.

Many of these alumni got their start at Smucker as interns.

  • Nela (Schindewolf) Lucey ’03 started her career as an intern and is now Supervisor, Fringe Benefits Accounting. 
  • Jennifer Baker ’05, ’08 was an intern in Financial Reporting and is currently the company’s Senior Financial Analyst.
  • Doug Palmer ’06 interned in the Internal Audit area and was hired as a financial analyst in the Consumer Strategic Business Area.  Doug has since relocated to Canada and is Supervisor, SBA Finance and Accounting.
  • Paul Scruggs ’07 started in the Accounts Payable Area and recently moved into the Internal Audit Area.
  • Amy Wittensoldner ’10 interned for two years, working in the Accounts Payable Area, Fringe Benefits Accounting, and Financial Reporting Projects.  She has been hired as a Trade Spend Financial Analyst.
  • Colin Neidert ’10 interned in Special Markets/International SBA and Accounts Payable and was recently hired as an Analyst, Fixed Asset Area.
  • Margaret Aramouni ’10, an intern in the Internal Audit Area, was recently hired in the Accounts Payable Area.

This semester, three CBA students are interning at Smucker.  Two of the three will continue their internships during the summer.  An additional two students will begin internships in the summer.

The J. M. Smucker Company is sponsoring two scholarships for outstanding accounting majors which will be awarded at the School of Accountancy’s Awards Banquet on April 23, 2010.