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CBA Students Collaborate With Students in China


Although separated by thousands of miles, CBA students in a graduate level International Business Seminar class and students at Sias International University in China are collaborating on a joint project.

The American and Chinese students are working together on a feasibility study to determine whether Yutong Company, a large Chinese firm that manufactures buses, should enter the U. S. market.

The class is taught by Dr. Raj Aggarwal, the Frank C. Sullivan professor of international business and finance, who notes, "This project is a wonderful opportunity for our two universities and countries to collaborate for mutual benefit. Our students will learn about Chinese businesses while we believe we will help the Chinese students learn about business in the U.S. ” 

The students have been divided into two groups that will compete against each other on the project.  They will use Yahoo group, Skype and Email as their primary communication tools.

At the completion of the study, the students will write a paper and make a PowerPoint presentation through video conference that will be evaluated by representatives from Yutong Company.