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CBA Faculty Train STEM Teachers


Faculty members in the CBA’s Department of Management have developed a program to train teachers at the National Inventors Hall of Fame School...Center for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Learning (STEM) to think like an entrepreneur.

Through a grant from the Burt Morgan Foundation, CBA faculty developed six, three- to four-hour training sessions designed to deliver comprehensive content about the nature and role of entrepreneurial thinking.

Participants in the program are learning how entrepreneurial thinking relates to creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship skills — the key learning goals of the STEM curriculum.  

Course topics include the nature of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking and behavior; systems thinking and optimization; creative skill building and lateral thinking; and decision making and the role of intuition/right-brain processes.

The courses are conducted in a manner similar to MBA classes and executive development seminars and feature reading, discussion, some experiential exercises, guest speakers and writing.

Maryann Wolowiec, project manager of the school, notes that “working with the CBA professors has helped our teachers create and foster a new, progressive learning environment for our students.”