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Forbes: Akron one of the nation's most affordable college towns


More about Akron

Greater Akron is the birthplace of:

  • The first long-distance electric railway in the world (the ABC Line – Akron, Bedford, Cleveland)
  • Processed cereals and oatmeal, developed by Ferdinand Schumacher (1822-1908), whose enterprise evolved into Quaker Oats Co.
  • America’s first toy company, S.C. Dyke Co., manufacturer of marbles (1890)
  • The first automobile police patrol wagon (1899)
  • The first balloon tire (1924)
  • Alcoholics Anonymous, founded in Akron by “Dr. Bob” (Smith) and “Bill W.” (Wilson) (1935)
  • The first synthetic rubber tire (1940)
  • The first graded school system in the nation, in which the concept of a school superintendent was created.
  • The trucking industry.
  • The All-American Soap Box Derby – the world’s greatest amateur racing event for youngsters
  • The largest small business incubator in the state and one of the largest in the world.

Source: Greater Akron Chamber of Commerce

city of akron

forbes coverThe University of Akron and its home city are making national news again, this time in Forbes Magazine.

Ohio is home to four of the country’s top 15 most affordable college towns, with Akron topping that list.

The city of Akron ranks fifth in the country in home affordability, followed by Athens, home to Ohio University, at No. 7, Kent at No. 8 and Toledo at No. 9.

See the story in Forbes.

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