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Marketing Classes Take Off for the Races


Andy McCartney Andy McCartney with a student team

Last Fall semester, three marketing classes taught by marketing instructor David Cockley speeded up their learning curve when twelve student teams developed marketing campaigns for the Lake County Speedway stock car racing venue.

Students in the two Marketing Strategy and one Integrated Marketing Communications classes met with Andy McCartney, owner of the Speedway and President of Bowden Manufacturing.

McCartney presented the case to the students including his purchase of the Speedway, renovations to the property, marketing programs and promotions he used during the past summer, and some of his plans for the future.

 Some of the students did first-hand marketing research by visiting the speedway, observing the event and its patrons, and administering questionnaires.

At the end of the semester, McCartney, along with several employees and a member of his advertising agency, returned to UA to view the student presentations.

 The group was very impressed by the students’ efforts and plan to use some of the ideas in their marketing plans this summer.