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Sustainability & Social Responsibility Lecture Series


The College of Business Administration, in co-sponsorship with the Department of Sociology and Rethinking Race: Black, White, and Beyond, featured Dr. David R. Williams as the Spring 2011 Sustainability and Social Responsibility Lecture Series’ keynote speaker.  Dr. Williams is the Florence and Laura Norman Professor of Public Health, and Professor of African and African American Studies and Sociology at Harvard University.  Speaking to a standing room audience at the Student Union Theatre, Dr. Williams addressed racial disparities in health.  His presentation is accessible here, “Social Inequities in Health:  Patterns, Causes and the Costs of Doing Nothing.”

David Williams & Thomas Calderon Dr. David Williams (keynote speaker) and Dr. Thomas Calderon (Dept. Chair, Daverio School of Accountancy)
David Williams & Group Dr. Dave Skubby (Assoc. Dean, Graduate School), Emily Berry, Kristina Melomed, Dr. David Williams, Georgelle Heintel, Dr. Thomas Calderon (Dept. Chair, Daverio School of Accountancy), Joy Harvell, and Alicia Huffman