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Akron SIFE Competes in Minneapolis


This May, The University of Akron SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) got the chance to compete on the national level! Eleven students traveled to Minneapolis on May 10, 2011 for the SIFE National Exposition, getting the opportunity to network with business professionals and high-achieving students from all across the country, explore the city, and compete with other SIFE chapters.

Each year, the students of SIFE dream up, design, and implement creative and exciting projects to improve campus, help people in the Akron community, and save the environment. Then toward the end of spring semester, SIFE students put together a audio-visual presentation of their projects and compete against other SIFE chapters, with business leaders serving as judges. For the first time since 1996, Akron SIFE won regional competition in Cleveland and had the honor of competing in Minneapolis.

SIFE students enjoyed a wonderful experience this year at the SIFE National Exposition:

“National's was the ultimate college learning experience. It was fun to explore a whole new city and it was also amazing to meet students like our SIFE team and gain knowledge of how to improve as a group and do bigger and better projects.” –Halee Hornung.

“If you are looking for a way to become motivated, inspired and the chance to network with business leaders, this is the experience for you. Competing at the national level gave us the chance to sit down with business leaders from great companies like Campbell’s and Sam’s Club and talk about our SIFE projects. The companies at the national competition have seen the great skills that SIFE students have and are out there looking to hire SIFE members. Competing at nationals /pings out the best in everyone and can be a real game changer to a college student's career decision.” –Zachary Savage.

"It was such a pleasure to compete at the National Competition and share our accomplishments from the 2010-2011 year for the first time since 1996! It was also interesting to see what other SIFE chapters are doing around the globe. SIFE is truly an amazing organization and I am so happy to have spent all of my college career being involved and making a lasting impact on the community and globe! SIFE4LIFE!" –Alexandra Frost.


Akron SIFE is already looking toward next May and has many promising new projects in the works. The organization has experienced quite a revival on campus and its members are very confident that they will go even farther at the next year’s competition.

For more information on SIFE, please contact Halee Hornung at

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