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6600: 478 Advanced Professional Selling

6600: 436 E-Commerce




All Prerequisites except 6600: 300 Marketing Principles Waived This Semester.

Use to Fulfill Concentration Requirements or as Electives.

6600: 478 Advanced Professional Selling:
Broadens students understanding of the sales process looking at complex sales and solutions selling. Intense lab work focusing on communication skills, asking the right questions to fully understand needs, helping client turn implicit needs into explicit needs, conducting B2B and complex negotiations, and understanding how to create win-win solutions.
This course screens individuals for entry into the Prestigious National Collegiate Sales Competition but is relevant to all Marketing majors. If you have not taking 6600: 275 Professional Selling, it is recommended to take it concurrently.

6600: 436 E-Commerce:
Commerce is shifting from a bricks & mortar to a bricks & clicks or clicks only delivery system. This course explores the growing role of ecommerce in firms’ marketing mix and the complementary roles that customer relationship management and direct marketing play in this new environment.

This course delves into the most important transformation in marketing in the last 50 years.