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Two teams represented Akron at the 2011 Deloitte FanTAXtic competition


Deloitte FanTAXticThe 2011 Deloitte FanTAXtic regional competition was held the weekend of October 22.  The University of Akron had 2 teams representing the George W. Daverio School of Accountancy at the Cleveland Office of Deloitte.  

Each team was comprised of two sophomores, two juniors and/or seniors, and one graduate student.  

The students worked in their teams to develop a business solution for 3-4 key topics and identified the tax implications of each.  They then presented their findings to the 'board of directors' for the company.  

Staci Sens, one of the representatives from 'Team Gold' had great things to say about the experience. "The Deloitte Tax Challenge gave our team an interesting look at particular issues that we, as accountants, might face when we get out into the real world."  She stated "Although there were difficult elements we had to work through, I’m proud of the work that “Team Gold” produced. It was a FanTAXtic experience!"

Representatives from Akron included:

Team Blue: Nick Barnes, Brian Brewer, Sanja Drobnjak, Ben Barr & Sam Smith

Team Gold: Zachary Rospert, Brandon Hickey, Staci Sens, Eric Simon and Jasdeep Sandhu.  

Both teams were advised by Professor Amber Whisenhunt.