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CBA Accounting Programs Nationally Ranked


The CBA’s George W. Daverio School of Accountancy, a unit of the College of Business Administration, has been nationally ranked by the Public Accounting Report (PAR).

The PAR recently released its 28th Annual Survey of Accounting Professors (Vol. 33, No. 20, 2009) in which 1,921 accounting educators participated. The CBA’s Accounting Program was ranked No. 24 for undergraduate accounting education and No. 23 for graduate programs in accounting.

There are three categories of rankings based on the number of teaching professors – Group I (largest), Group II (mid-size) and Group III (smallest). The CBA is classified as a Group II school.   

Among the three categories, The University of Akron was the only public institution in Northern Ohio to be ranked in the undergraduate list and the only Northern Ohio institution to be ranked in the graduate list.

Dr. Thomas Calderon, Chair of the School of Accountancy, noted "that such a ranking brings us closer to our vision of being the leading accounting program in Northern Ohio. The School’s mission is to prepare students to become competent and responsible accounting professionals and business leaders. The School offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Accountancy, a Master of Science in Accountancy, and a Master of Taxation. We also offer an innovative Accelerated BS/MS Accounting program that gives students the opportunity to complete both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in accounting in exactly 150 credits. The School’s Master of Taxation degree is the premier graduate tax degree in the State of Ohio. The School stresses a learning environment that places primary importance on student success through effective teaching, complemented by faculty scholarship, interaction with the professional community and student peers, and service."

The PAR, which describes itself as the Independent Newsletter of the Accounting Profession since 1978, is a highly respected newsletter in both academia and practice.