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School of Accountancy - Experiential Learning Saturdays - Spring 2013


The George W. Daverio School of Accountancy in the College of Business Administration is offering a series of classes on Saturdays in Spring 2013. All classes have a hands-on, professional orientation.

Students will learn through cases, simulations, and working with clients.Some classes will include field trips to the campuses of selected employers. All classes will provide students with some degree of experience in the field. Instructors will be highly credentialed and experienced professionals who practice in the areas in which they teach.

Each class is being offered as a Special Topics course at either the undergraduate (6200:490) or graduate (6200:693) level. Speak with a CBA Advisor if you have any questions about Experiential Learning Saturdays.

1 Credit and 3 Credit Saturday Classes* that will Enrich Your Experience in Accounting

*Check for Saturday dates and times in your MY AKRON (formerly Zipline...go to My Experience to Student Center to enroll)

  • Passport to Professional Success 6200:490-806 1 credit (prerequisite: C or better in 6200:201)
  • Practicum in Accounting Software 6200:490-804 1 credit (prerequisite: C or better in 6200:201)
  • Internal Auditing 6200:490-802 3 credits (prerequisites: 6200:320 and 6200:321)
  • Service Learning in Taxation 6200:490-801 3 credits (prerequisites: 6200:430 and registration in 6200:431)
  • Tax Policy and Practice for Low Income Earners 6200:693-802 3 credits (prerequisites: 6200:627 or equivalent, and registration in 6200:628 or completion of 6200:439 and 6200:431)