UA performed well at ICPC ECNA


This weekend three teams from the University of Akron participated in the ICPC regional.

  • qUArk: Eric Arndt, Jeff Chapman, Andrew Marmaduke
  • qUAck: Alex Addy, Brandon Browning, Robert Studenic
  • qUAke: John Chester, Drew Guarnera, Walter Wolfe
qUArk solved 4 problems during the 5 hour contest placing them at 20th out of 131 teams. qUAck solved 2 problems, putting them at 40th place. qUAke, a team made entirely of first timers, managed to solve 1 problem, putting them at 56th place ahead of 21 other teams solving 1 problem.
Out of the 63 school participating the University of Akron placed 11th.