Microsoft to host App building workshops


Have you ever wanted to build your own app? Wouldn't an app look good on your resume? What if you could build a cool app ready for Windows Store submission in a couple hours? On February 28th or March 5th -- and more dates to come -- join fun and friendly Brian Prince of Microsoft to use the latest tools from Microsoft Research named Touch Develop to build your app.

Touch Develop, a scripting tool, runs in any HTML 5 compliant browser to create your app for Windows 8. All workshops will be from 1:45PM to 3:00PM. The workshop locations and times are summarized here:

  • February 28th, Shrank Hall South room 108
  • March 5th, Polsky room 457
  • Once the other dates are announced, they will be listed here

All locations hold around 40 people. There is no event registration, it is first-come first-serve.

Microsoft is providing prizes as well as the ability to publish your app to the Windows 8 store for free!

What will you need to bring? Best would be your own Windows laptop, but anything that runs an HTML 5 browser with a decently sized screen would work. If you have Windows 8 that would be great, but if you don’t, that’s okay. If you want to get Windows 8, please follow the instructions (to be added shortly, please check back).

What will you get out of it?

  • You’ll get an opportunity to win prizes (gift cards)
  • You’ll learn to build your very own Windows 8 app
  • You’ll be able to publish your app to the Windows Store (for free)
  • You’ll bolster your resume as an app creator, build your personal brand and you can earn money (or fame) if your app does well in the marketplace

For more information, check out this flier. If you have any questions, please contact Brian Prince.