Dr. Antonia Forster

Dr. Antonia Forster

Title: Professor Emeritus
Program: English
Dept/Program: English
Office: Olin 334
Email: forster@uakron.edu
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Antonia Forster, Professor. Her Index to Book Reviews in England 1749-1774 was awarded the 1992 Rose Mary Crawshay Prize by the British Academy, and the second volume to take the Index to 1800 was published by the British Library in 1997. She spent 1996 in Cambridge and Oxford working with James Raven on English Novels 1770-1799: a Bibliographical Survey of Prose Fiction Published in the British Isles, published by Oxford University Press in 2000. She is also preparing an edition of the correspondence of Ralph Griffiths, founding editor of the Monthly Review, and working on a study of Griffiths and his reviewers, and smaller projects concerned with the reviewing of women writers. She has published articles in such journals as The Age of Johnson, Shakespeare Quarterly, and Studies in Newspaper and Periodical History and has been awarded fellowships for research in the Newberry, Houghton, Beinecke and British Libraries. Her teaching interests focus mainly on writers of the period from 1590 to 1850, especially women and Shakespeare.

Research Accomplishments


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Ph.D., Univ. of Melbourne


English Composition I & II, 250 Classic & Contemporary Literature, 252 Shakespeare and His World, 280 Poetry Appreciation, 281 Fiction Appreciation, 282 Drama Appreciation, 301 English literature to 1800 survey, 315 Shakespeare: Early Plays, 316 Shakespeare: Mature Plays, 389 Women Writers, 389 Women Writers Before 1900, 389 Jane Austen, 421/521 Swift and Pope, 424/524 Early English Fiction, 425/525 Studies in Romanticism, 489 Subversive Women, 489 Women’s Writing, Women’s Lives, 489/589 Samuel Johnson and his Circle, 689 Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Drama, 689 Jane Austen and Frances Burney, 689 Henry Fielding, 691 Bibliography & Literary Research, 689 Women’s Writing, Women’s Lives