Honors College graduationThe Honors College hosts an Honors Graduation Recognition event at the end of each regular semester. This is a very special event to which parents and family members are invited, and is held on the Friday evening prior to the weekend of University graduation ceremonies.

In the fall semester, there is one Graduation Recognition Ceremony starting at 7 p.m. for graduating Honors seniors. In the spring semester, there are two separate ceremonies. The ceremony at 4 p.m. will include students in whichever college is having the University commencement ceremony later that evening.   Each of these ceremonies will be held in the Quaker Square Station. The Station is the hall located east of the Inn, nearer to the railroad tracks.

Upon graduation, an Honors College student is awarded the distinction of being a "University Honors Scholar" if that student has

  1. maintained a 3.4 or above "graduation" GPA (which counts course repeats)
  2. completed all three of the Honors Colloquia
  3. and has completed the Honors Research Project (2 or more credits) and received a a B or higher on that project. This distinction is included in the official university transcript.

At the commencement ceremony, University Honors Scholars wear a special medallion and are the first to be called to stand for recognition as scholars.

To view a list of past University Scholars, please visit the Alumni page.