The Honors Distribution

While your major will provide you with in depth education in a particular field, your honors distribution is meant to ensure that your education has breadth. Honors students are exempt from general education requirements for undergraduates. Instead, honors students complete the Honors Distribution, which asks you to select 38 semester credits within four disciplines: Humanities, Languages and the Arts, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences.

To maximize your opportunities and capitalize on your developing interests, it is better that you spread these courses among the four or five years of your program here, rather than take them all at once. With the guidance of your honors faculty advisor, you submit a balanced plan to complete the Honors Program's distribution requirement. This plan needs to be completed before the end of your second semester in the program. After the Honors Council has approved your plan, you may propose changes by consulting with your honors faculty advisor and submitting a revision request form.

When a course you have selected for your distribution requirement is available in an honors section, you are strongly recommended to take that section. In case of scheduling conflict, either postpone the distribution requirement course to another semester or adjust your selection of major courses to permit you to take the honors section. A list of honors sections offered each semester will be provided on this web site before registration begins.

Credits earned by Advanced Placement (AP) Test scores, transfer credits, bypass credits, and credits earned while in high school through Ohio's post-secondary option program may be used to satisfy parts of the distribution requirement. However, at least one class in each Group must be from a college classroom experience (as opposed to AP, IB, CLEP, Bypass Credit, Military Credit, ...).

Download Forms:

See your honors advisor to complete the Honors Distribution Form.

The form to use for revisions to a previously-submitted distribution form is also available for download (Word document).

Transient Permission:

The transient permission form for students for courses being applied to the Honors Distribution is available for download (Word document).