‘Healthy U’ wellness programs

With Healthy U, we are striving to create an environment that encourages, supports and empowers employees to make healthy lifestyle choices. 

These healthy lifestyle choices over time should increase employee morale, quality of life, and productivity.  They should also reduce long term health care costs, work and non-work related injuries, presenteeism, absenteeism, and preventable acute and chronic illness.

Overall objectives include the integration of the Healthy U Wellness Program into our teaching and learning. The University will become a laboratory for developing innovative and comprehensive health and wellness initiatives for our faculty and staff that will increase employee morale, self-efficacy, self-awareness, and productivity. This will enhance the Akron Experience for students by improving the quality of employee-student interactions and the overall quality of the student experience. 

The University has a wealth of knowledge and resources on campus. Our health and wellness initiatives will utilize the expertise and skills of our faculty and students from a variety of academic disciplines, including Sport Science & Wellness Education and the Health Sciences, as well as from our academic support areas. We will strive to promote a more coordinated program to provide easy affordable access to wellness services.

'Healthy U' activities

Weight Watchers Reimbursement Program through SummaCare

Looking to stop smoking?

Wellness Wednesday programs

Free yoga for Rec Center members

Beginning early in the fall semester, a free yoga class will be taught weekly for faculty and staff who are members of the Student Recreation and Wellness Center.

Jenny Keaton, an instructor with Yoga Flow/Power Yoga, will lead the classes. There are two sessions available:

  • Wednesdays, beginning Sept. 10, through Dec. 3, from 1 to 2 p.m. in Polsky Building 313.
  • Thursdays, beginning Sept. 11, through Dec. 4, from 11 a.m. to noon in Administrative Services Building 130.

“Yoga is not just about flexibility, notes Keaton. “It's about being with yourself for the time on the mat, finding yourself, healing, breathing and moving with your body.”