Kush Shah

Kush Shah

Title: IB PhD Student
Dept/Program: Biomedical Engineering
Office: OLRC 310
Email: kns25@zips.uakron.edu

Research Accomplishments

My research focuses on drug delivery and drug targeting of anticancer agents.

The first component of my research deals with synthesizing water-soluble conjugates of lipophilic anticancer agents. Our lab has developed a novel platform based on a water-soluble biopolymers such as hyaluronan. A non-active site on the drug is reacted to the carboxyl or hydryoxyl moiety on hyaluronan via amide or ester linkage to form a water-soluble drug-polymer pendant.

The second component of my research addresses targeting anticancer agents specifically to cancer cells. Cancer cells over express several receptors, such as the folate and VEGF receptors on their surface. These receptors can be utilized to our advantage to target nanoparticles functionalized with folic acid or VEGF. This targeting strategy can reduce systemic toxicity of the anticancer drugs by targeting the drug actively to the cancer cells where the drug is required.

For further information about our lab’s research visit Dr. Yun’s webpage:


Y. H. Yun and K. N. Shah, “Carbohydrate-Alcohol ester,” US provisional patent number 61/474,008.

Y. H. Yun, K. N. Shah, C. Tsai, and T. Miller, “Hyaluronan-Alkyne Ester; A New Biomolecule,” Disclosure filed on 1/10.


Education: 2008: M.S. Chemistry