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IB is a unique interdisciplinary PhD program where biology is at the core or interface of research that cuts across traditional departmental boundaries. Students and their faculty mentors design personalized coursework and research training experiences that can draw from expertise across the entire campus, encouraging novel approaches to bio-based research challenges.

IB compliments other bio-related graduate training opportunities at UA such as those in the Colleges of Polymer Science & Engineering, Nursing, and Engineering, and offers students unrivaled flexibilty in the design of their PhD curriculum. 
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See below for information about the IB Seminar Series hosted every spring semester. 

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Philosophy/Rationale for the Integrated Bioscience Program

Biological problems rank among the most pressing that face our society by virtue of their scientific importance and because of their consequences for national health, the economy, and environmental stability. Although reductionist biology has been successful in dissecting the diversity of life, most major advances in understanding complex systems have been made by interpreting results across levels of biological organization (molecular to ecosystem levels) and crossing the boundaries between biology and other disciplines. Importantly, major discoveries and new products and solutions in bioscience become possible because of recent advances in other fields of science and math. The study of complex biological systems is best approached by incorporating many perspectives, bringing together a diversity of complementary disciplines to unravel the complexity that is biology. Therefore, the 21st century will likely be known as the era of integrated science, engineering, and innovative technology

IB Seminar Series Listing (Spring Semesters Only)

The IB seminar series is designed to bring in local, regional and national speakers whose work falls within the broad definition of Integrated Bioscience - biology at the core or interface of work with other disciplines. Each year, the mix of speakers is different, often reflecting the diversity of PhD students entering the program at the start of the current academic year. Also, since 2013, the series has included several leaders in the area of bio-inspired design, biomimicry, and biomimetics...2015 is no different.

Please check out the list of speakers and join us if you can.

Seminars are generally held in the Biology Section of Auburn Science and Engineering, B201 on Fridays at 2 PM. Our first seminar starts the week of January 25th. You can find the full schedule below. Coffee and cookies are provided. 

If you see a speaker who you would like to meet, please email Peter H. Niewiarowski for information.

Seminar Schedule