Spring 2016 IB Seminar Series

Join us Fridays from 2:15 to 3:15 p.m. in Auburn Science (Biology) B201.

SpeakerDepartmentAffiliationDateResearch area
TBD Feb. 12
Petra Gruber Art & biology UA Feb. 19 Biomimetics in architecture and design
Isaiah Blankson NASA Feb. 26 Bio-inspired approaches in selected aeronautics pro
Ashok Goel School of Interactive Computing Georgia Tech March 4 Biomimetics and AI
Ingi Iagnarsson Dept of Biology University of Vermont March 11 Spider ecology and evolution
Kwek-Tze Tan Dept of Mechanical Engineering University of Akron March 18 Metamaterials and biomimetics
Spring Break March 25
Lance Gunderson Dept of Environmental Sciences Emory April 1 Ecology, Policy, Sustainability and Panarchy
Shiva Sastry Elec. & Comp. Engineering Univ. of Akron April 8 Engineered Systems & Biomimicry
Robin Craig College of Law University of Utah April 15 Water Law and Policy
Anirban Sen Gupta Dept of Biomedical Engineering Case Western Reserve Univ. April 22 Bioinspired Engineering and Nanomedicine
Eban Alsberg Dept of Biomedical Engineering Case Western Reserve Univ. cancelled Tissue Engineering
David Hu Mechanical Engineering Georgia Tech May 6 Biomechanics of Locomotion