Kathy J. Liszka

Kathy J. Liszka

Title: Professor
Dept/Program: Computer Science
Phone: 330-972-8017
Email: liszka@uakron.edu
Website: http://www.cs.uakron.edu/~kliszka/


Research Interests:

Security in Spam and Social Networking

Selected Publications:

Malware Analysis Using Reverse Engineering and Data Mining Tools, Burji, S., Liszka, K. J., and Chan, C.-C., The 2010 International Conference on System Science and Engineering(ICSSE 2010), July 2010.

Artificial Neural Networks as a Tool for Identifying Image Spam, Hope, P., Bowling, J. R., and Liszka, K. J., The 2009 International Conference on Security and Management (SAM'09), July 2009, pp. 447-451.

Implementing DCT Algorithms Using RapidMind on a PS3, Gummadi, R., Liszka, K. J., and Mugler, D. H., The 2009 International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications (PDPTA'09), July 2009, pp. 559-564.

Issues in Personal Cardiac Health Monitoring with Sensor Networks, Liszka, K. J., Sever, M. J., Richter, M. E., and Bhattarai, S., Mobile Telemedicine: A Computing and Networking Perspective, edited by Y. Xiao and H. Chen, Auerbach/Taylor & Francis, June 2008, pp. 103-118.

Spam Image Identification Using an Artificial Neural Network, Bowling, J. R., Hope, P., and Liszka, K. J., Proceedings of the 2008 MIT Spam Conference, Cambridge, Massachusetts, March 2008.