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Welcome to the Information Technology Services (ITS) Division of The University of Akron.

ITS is a key catalyst for innovations and initiatives that make the University one of the top technology schools in Ohio and the nation. Through the implementation of revolutionary and evolutionary technologies, we have helped the University radically transform the face of higher education. From distance learning to wireless computers, from enterprise software to technology partnerships, we have reshaped the information landscape.

Whether you are a student, a member of our faculty or staff, the ITS division is where you will find the tools necessary to help you in all your endeavors here at The University of Akron.


IT services include:

For assistance with any technology issues, contact the Support Desk at 330-972-6888 or support@uakron.edu.

Wireless Connections: Rootown and UAGuest

University employees should use Rootown for their wireless connection. Guests to the University should use UAGuest. ConnectAkron is not part of the University of Akron nor does the University support it.  If you have a UAnet id, you should use Rootown. If you do not have a UAnet id, you should sign on as a guest.

UAGuest is an open network designed to be used by guests to access their emails or perhaps VPN back to their business location. UAGuest provides limited access for what guests can do. For example, guests on this network will not be able to open Netflix, Facebook and any type of streaming video or audio.

To connect to UAGuest, guests should use the following instruction.

1. Click on the broadcast ID of UAGuest in your wireless client. You will then be connected but with no internet access.

2. Open a browser and try to navigate to a web site. A splash screen will come up titled “Welcome to the University Guest Wireless".

3. At the bottom of the page, type in:

  • uaguest (as your Username) all lower case
  • uaguest (as your password) all lower case
  • Then click on the button below: “I agree with the policy above”

4. You will then be connected 

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