Tuition and Financial Aid at Akron Law


(JD, LLM, Certificate, Audit, and Non-Degree courses)

2016-17 (fall and spring combined)
Total $24,214/$14,819 $24,314/$14,919
  Ohio Resident
Tuition $21,376/$12,826 $21,376/$12,826
Fees $2,838/$1,993 $2,938/$2,093

* Full-time enrollment assumes 30 credit hours per year (14 in the fall semester and 16 in the spring semester). Part-time enrollment assumes 18 credit hours in the first year (7 in the fall semester and 11 in the spring semester). This equates to an average of 10 courses per year for full time students and 6 courses per year for part-time students. Actual credit hours and course loads may vary, resulting in a variation in fee totals. In order to get through the law programs in a timely fashion (3 years for full-time or 4 years for part-time), the law school’s curriculum requires you take 12 to 16 credit hours a semester (for full-time) and 8 to 10 credit hours a semester (for part-time). 

** Non-resident students pay the same tuition as resident students plus a $100 annual non-resident surcharge. This surcharge is waived for students who become Ohio residents. Students are typically able to become Ohio residents after one year of Ohio residency. See for details.

Summer 2017***

Total $2,562 $4,963
Three hoursSix hours
Tuition $2,138 $4,275
Fees $424 $688

*** Summer classes are optional, but are strongly recommended for part-time students wishing to complete law school in four years. 88 credit hours are required for graduation.

Estimated living expenses
Total $16,524 $5,675
Room and Board $11,524 $3,841
Books and Supplies $1,000 $500
Transportation $1,000 $334
Personal Expenses $3,000 $1,000

Per-unit tuition and fee rates
Tuition $712.53
Course Fee (per course) $110
General Service Fee (per hour, with a max. of $197.40 per semester) $16.45
Administrative Fee (per semester) $30
Technology Fee (per hour) $16.25
Facilities Fee (per hour, with a max. of $222.60 per semester) $18.55
Transportation Fee (fall and spring, per semester) $175
Transportation Fee (summer) $130
Nonresident Surcharge (fall and spring, per semester) $50

Tools and tips: Important information about financial planning and loans