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Law School annual tuition and fees

(JD, LLM, Certificate, Audit, and Non-Degree courses)

2015-2016 (fall and spring combined)

Total $24,452/$14,968 $24,552/$15,068
  Ohio Resident
Tuition $21,376/$12,826 $21,376/$12,826
Fees $3,256/$2,142 $3,356/$2,242

* Full-time enrollment assumes 30 credit hours in the first year (14 in the fall semester and 16 in the spring semester). Part-time enrollment assumes 18 credit hours in the first year (7 in the fall semester and 11 in the spring semester).

** Non-resident students pay the same tuition as resident students plus a $100 annual non-resident surcharge. This surcharge is waived for students who become Ohio residents. Students are typically able to become Ohio residents after one year of Ohio residency. See www.uakron.edu/registrar/residency/ for details.

Summer 2015***

Total $2,541 $4,943
Three hoursSix hours
Tuition $2,136 $4,275
Fees $405 $668

*** Summer classes are optional, but are strongly recommended for part-time students wishing to complete law school in four years. 88 credit hours are required for graduation.

Estimated living expenses

Total $16,524 $5,675
Room and Board $11,524 $3841
Books and Supplies $1,000 $500
Transportation $1,000 $334
Personal Expenses $3,000 $1,000

Per-unit tuition and fee rates

Tuition $712.53
Course Fee (Per Course) $110
General Service Fee (Per Hour, $197.40 max.) $16.45
Administrative Fee (Per Semester) $30
Technology Fee (Per Hour) $16.25
Facilities Fee (Per Hour, $342 max.) $28.50
Transportation Fee (Fall and Spring, Per Semester) $175
Transportation Fee (Summer) $130
Nonresident Surcharge (Fall and Spring, Per Semester) $50