School of Law

Fall Semester 2013
Course, Casebook, and Assignment Listing Classes begin August 19, 2013

9200:619-001 Cohen LARW I

Req: Cohen, Legal Writing Workbook, available online (available on Springboard after August 1st)
Req: Dickerson, The ALWD Citation Manual, 4th ed., Aspen Publishing #9780735589308

Legal Research:
Req: Cohen, Legal Research Workbook, available online (available on Springboard after August 1st)

  1. Read Workbook pp. 3-8 (Course Overview)
  2. Grammar & Composition
    a. Read Workbook pp. 15-22 (Writing Guidelines)
    b. Complete Editing Excerise #1 (Workbook pp. 25-26)
  3. Research Memorandum Format
    a. Read Workbook pp. 31-34 (Research Memorandum Format)

Legal Research:

Read Workbook pp. 3-16
Course Overview;
Primary & Secondary Authority;
Search Plans;
Legislative History;
Ohio Revised Code (in paper)


**Springboard is the University's web course that provides, among other things, the ability to post documents that may be downloaded from the internet. Springboard is located at You will first be prompted to provide your UANet username and password. On the next screen, select LARW I 001. On the course page, select Content. The workbooks are in the Legal Writing and Legal Research modules.

9200:684-006 Cohen Sem: Interviewing and Counseling

Req: Client Interviewing & Counseling Workbook (Workbook) (available on Springboard after August 1)


For First Class:

Read Workbook pp. 3-15
Course Overview & Syllabus
Client-Centered Interviewing & Counseling
The Participatory Model
The Goals of Client Interviewing & Counseling

Read Workbook pp. 25-33
A Structure for the Initial Interview
The Opening Stage

Read Workbook pp. 96-99
Transcript for In-Class Video (The Opening Stage)

Prepare Interviews #1 & #2 - A couple of weeks before the first class, Professor Cohen will:
Post on Springboard the materials for your first interview (role play)
Email instructions to you