American Politics Minor

The American Politics minor will introduce students to government, campaigns, and elections in the United States' political system.

In order for students to receive the American Politics minor, they must complete the following requirements, sign a contract with the department, and apply for the minor prior to Commencement.


3700:100 Government and Politics in the U.S.

Select 14 additional credits from the following:

3700:210     State and Local Government and Politics                             
3700:341     The American Congress                                                       
3700:342     Minority Group Politics                                                       
3700:350     The American Presidency                                                    
3700:360     The Judicial Process                                                            
3700:370     Public Administration:  Concepts and Practices                   
3700:395*   Internship in Government and Politics                               
3700:402     Politics and the Media                                                          
3700:440     Survey Research Methods                                                   
3700:470     Campaign Management I                                                     
3700:471     Campaign Management II                                                    
3700:472     Campaign Finance                                                               
3700:474     Political Opinion, Behavior and Electoral Politics                
3700:475     American Interest Groups                                                    
3700:476     American Political Parties         

*A maximum of 3 credits of Internship may be applied to the minor degree.