Book for therapists provides insight on answering client questions


What Do I Say?: The Therapist's Guide to Answering Client Questions, co-authored by UA psychology What Do I Say?professor Charles A. Waehler, Ph.D., explores direct and unspoken questions that all therapists will encounter.

Co-authored with fellow practicing therapist, Linda Edelstein, the book explores how answering client questions shapes a therapeutic climate of expression that encourages personal discovery and growth. The book is arranged in question-and-answer format and is filled with personal examples from experienced therapists on a number of "hot-button" topics, revealing how client questions can support the therapeutic process.

Waehler is an associate professor in the Collaborative Program in Counseling Psychology. He has taught both beginning and advanced practica, assessment courses and classes in personality and psychopathology. He is a Fellow in the Society for Personality Assessment.

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