Scholarships have been created by alumni, faculty, and friends in collaboration with the Department of Psychology to recognize outstanding students and to provide financial resources to help in their education. If interested, please complete one form for the scholarship/award for which you’d like to be considered and turn in your application to the main office (Arts & Sciences 341). For scholarship deadline information please contact the main office (330) 972-7280.

Undergraduate Scholarship Application Form (pdf)

Raymond E. Sanders Research Scholarship
Dr. Sanders served as a professor in the Department of Psychology at The University of Akron for over 30 years. Dr. Sanders taught undergraduate and graduate classes dealing with cognition, learning, and cognitive aging. He was a superb and enthusiastic instructor, demonstrating expert understanding of the topic areas presented in his classes. He was a well-liked and caring mentor for many students’ honors projects, master’s theses, and dissertation projects. Dr. Sanders communicated his love of research and investment in quality scholarship to all who worked with him, and published many articles in well respected journals. The Raymond E. Sanders Research Scholarship provides support for a psychology major who exemplifies both an interest and competence in the psychological research enterprise.

Christian Stinner Memorial Scholarship
The Christian Stinner Memorial Scholarship in Psychology was established to recognize an undergraduate student interested in, and dedicated to, research in the science of psychology. Christian was an outstanding student whose intellectual curiosity and critical thinking superbly represented the ideals of scientific inquiry so essential for research concerning human behavior. A student of integrity, discipline, and great potential, Christian embodied the values of undergraduate research and development, and exemplified the importance of appreciating the many factors and disciplines relevant for a fuller understanding of human development.

The Department of Psychology Travel Award
The Department of Psychology Travel Award is presented to deserving psychology undergraduate and graduate students to help cover the costs associated with traveling to various conferences to present their research and/or the opportunity to attend development workshops, colloquiums, etc. that advance the students' training and expertise.

The Department of Psychology Community Service Award
The Department of Psychology Community Service Award is presented to one student in the Department of Psychology who exemplifies a strong commitment to the community and works toward improving the lives of others and the world around us.

The Department of Psychology Merit Scholarship
The Department of Psychology Merit Scholarship was created as a means for alumni, faculty and friends to provide support for students pursuing degrees in Psychology. The Department of Psychology Merit Scholarship provides support for psychology majors who have demonstrated exceptional work in their Psychology and University curriculum.

Additional details can be obtained from the main office, (330) 972-7280.

If you are interested in donations to further fund deserving undergraduate or graduate student scholarships, please contact the department chair, Dr. Paul Levy at