Budget Closed for the month of April on May 5, 2015.
April statements available May 6th.
 The Office of Resource Analysis & Budget is dedicated to the development, implementation, and maintenance of the unrestricted general fund and auxiliary budgets. The Office also aids/participates in and provides supporting information for decisions relating to the fiscal operation (July 1st through June 30th) of the University.
The Budget Office handles Position Management by developing the unrestricted personnel budget that is consistent with the University's strategic plan. The Office also maintains the University’s position/appointment budgets throughout the year, serves as liaison to academic and administrative units, and prepares reports and analyses for Sr. Management.

Amy Gilliland, Director

Administrative Services Building
185 E. Mill Street
Room 160
Akron, OH 44325-6202
Phone:  330.972.6521
Fax:      330.972.6317

(Underconstruction) - How to and often asked questions.

  • How to request University data
  • Investigate a charge on your account
  • Make a budget transfer
  • Move a charge on your speedtype to another speedtype
  • What is budget closing?
  • Can I e-mail or fax my budget amendment form?
  • Who is authorized to sign the budget form?
  • My Purchasing requisition has a budget check error?
  • How to handle all budget check errors?
  • Can I move dollars between a 2 and a 3 speedtype?
  • How do I reimburse a department for charges?
  • When to use a budget amendment or a transfer form
  • Who is the responsible accountant for my account?


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