Fee Remission

Facts on remission /making a payment:

  • Did you know that you can submit your dependent remission card as soon as they register?  The Student Accounts/Bursar Office can post the remission credit immediately and if your dependent makes changes to their schedule the credit to their account will automatically adjust.
  • As an eligible faculty or staff member you can also submit your remission card early, but be aware that if there is a change in your schedule resulting in additional charges, you will need to submit a second remission card.

Tuition remission and scholarship update (January 2014)

Eligible types of remission

  • Full-Time Faculty/Staff – 6 hours or 2 courses of tuition and fees waived for Fall and Spring (4 courses for Summer).
  • Full-Time Faculty/Staff Dependents – Full tuition waiver, student must pay all fees.
  • Part-Time Faculty/Staff – 3 hours or 1 course of tuition and fees waived for Fall and Spring (2 courses in Summer), eligibility varies based on prior/current semester teaching load or hours worked prior year.
  • Part-Time Faculty Dependents – If the Part-time faculty member qualifies for remission, they may transfer their eligibility to one dependent to use in their place.

Submitting your remission card / making a payment

  • If you find that you are adding a class at the last minute and see that there are lines, there is a Student Accounts drop-box in the Simmons Hall vestibule. No need to stand in line to submit a remission card or pay by check - just drop it in the box.
  • If you or your dependent have a balance due after the remission is applied, you can pay online with your personal checking or savings account at no extra charge. Credit cards are accepted online only.
  • If your remission card is not turned in on time, you could be withdrawn from your classes for non-payment or charged a late fee that is not covered by remission.
  • A new remission card must be submitted each semester whenever you or your dependents enroll. 
  • Be sure to complete the remission card with both appropriate signatures, checkmarks and acknowledge that you are complying with Board of Trustee Rules (as shown on the back of the remission card), failure to do so may delay processing.
  • The remission card and any required payment should be submitted together; however, if you are submitting a remission card without payment, please send us your remission cards via campus mail +6209 or place in our Student Accounts drop-box in the Simmons Hall vestibule.
  • All remission cards are audited to confirm eligibility and accounts adjusted accordingly.

Don't wait, avoid lines and secure your classes by getting your remission and payment in early.  If you have questions about remission, contact Debbie Beynon at ext. 6570, or questions about payments, contact Student Accounts at ext 5100. 

Please see the Office of General Counsel website for more details.