Campus Programs Logo

Vision: To provide unrivaled services and experiences for all.

Department Mission: The Department of Student Life is committed to building community through collaborative learning experiences that provide our students the opportunity to:
• Engage • Serve • Lead 

Our Mission:  Campus Programs strives to implement diverse social and educational events for The University of Akron campus community, while establishing an atmosphere inclusive of all individuals. Through intentional co-curricular programming, we empower students to engage on campus, while developing university programs and traditions supportive of the holistic development of students. 

Spring 2015 EVENTS

January 23rd: Trivia Night – 11pm-1am (SU Market)

February 6th: Love Connection Game Show – 11pm-1am (SU Theatre)

March 6th: Swing Dancing w/The Ballroom Dance Club – 11pm-1am (SU Market)

March 13th: Akron’s Got Talent w/ZPN – 9pm (SU Theatre)

April 3rd: Laser Tag – 9pm (SU Grand Ballroom)

April 24th: The Price is Right w/ZPN – 11pm-1am (SU Grand Ballroom)

May 1st: SpringFest – 4:00pm-9:30pm