President Sullivan H. McCollester, 1872-1878

An ordained Universalist minister, Sullivan H. McCollester became the College's first president in 1872. His official title was President of the Faculty, so McCollester -- and his immediate successors -- served as chief academic officer, while the Board of Trustees handled business and management functions. In 1878, despite having the support of the Board, McCollester resigned due to church quarrels in which student factions were enlisted.


Buchtel College opens its doors to 46 collegiate students, 171 preparatory students and seven faculty members in September. The College offers three courses of study – bachelors of arts, of philosophy and of science. Tuition is $30 and rent just $10 per year. Board costs, including utilities and laundry, are $5 per week. For the first 27 years of its existence, most of Buchtel College's academic and social activities take place in one five-story building.

The first endowed chair established, the Professorship of Mental and Moral Philosophy.


Susie Chamberlain becomes Buchtel College's first graduate. She later joins the faculty.

Along with fraternities, sororities and a variety of special-interest clubs, Buchtel's students begin participating in intercollegiate athletics through baseball.